We send all our goods with the Royal Mail. Generally, your package normally arrive in 3 - 4 days. Officially the Royal Mail say packages should be delivered between 4 - 5 days depending on the time of year and current work load.


Please believe us when we say, we only ship goods that are in perfect condition when they leave us! However, some batches of live fermented foods can become extremely active during transit leading them to produce copious amounts of Co2 Gas as a bi-product of the continued live fermentation inside! Co2 Gas is a brilliant indicator that all is very well within your jars, but Co2 Gas can make fermented foods FIZZ extremely vigorously, which can create extra pressures within the jars and in-turn can push juices (Lactic Acid) past the jar lid seals. The Co2 Gas pressure can have much the effect that Co2 Gas has on a good Champagne (pop party), therefore in some instances, seepage will cause packages to become damp or even relatively wet, a little seepage does seem to go a long way! 

We are keen to point out, the fermented food contained in each jar will still be in peak perfect condition!

Actions... important, please first accept the delivery of the package, open the package up and wash the jars under a running tap to clean off any unwanted juice residue from the outside of the jar, then pop the jar in your fridge. When you wish to open your jars for the first time, please do so over the sink, as it is possible that further overflow may occur! Once cooled the product will still be in perfect condition for when you wish to consume it.

In the very unlikely event that you would wish to send your purchase back to us because of any glass breakage during transit, please first let us know, as we are always pleased and keen to hear from our customers and advise them on next steps!

Thank you!

Co2 Gas Bi-Product
I bet you never thought you would hear the words "A little gas is a wonderful thing", but it is true! During the expert fermentation process of our wonderful Sauerkrauts & Kimchi-Kraut, we actively promote and encourage the growth of healthy good bacteria called Lactobacillus aka The Good Guys. We all need to consume healthy strains of bacteria for our gut health which in-turn can actively improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Warning, as a result of fermentation a bi-product gas called Co2 is created, which is a good thing, indicating that all is extremely well within your jar, but in the same way that Champagne can overflow, so too can Sauerkraut overflow. To demonstrate this, we have produced a very short video showing the harmless effects of the overflow which we are keen to show you. Although not every jar will overflow, some batches can become even more active than the example you will see in the video. Oh, and a little juice really does go a long way (sorry). Please hit the link now... thank you!!


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