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Every day, scientist are discovering more and more about the massive influence tiny Bacteria have over our bodies and mind. Recent scientific research uncovered many fascinating facts when studying the relationship between the human body and the world of bacteria that live in and around us.  A tummy full of the good guys has been widely documented to be of benefit to our bodies and our minds.

A Good Gut Flora, teeming with good bacteria is something we should all aim to look after. Modern-day doctors and scientist are agreed that eating healthy foods is a massive positive start aid to our physical selves! We depend on vast armies of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs breaks down food to release energy, producing copious amounts of unlocked vital vitamins!

Our message is simple

Eat 30g - 50g of fermented vegetables per serving with each meal daily, this is no magical cure, but nature at its most awesome, try it over a prolonged period, and be among the wise ones!   

The Sauerkraut Company



Hello, my name is Simon Arnold proud founder of Arnold's Condiments/The Sauerkraut Company here in Petworth West Sussex.


Having lived & worked in Germany as I did for around 30 years, I experienced first-hand from my elders the art of fermenting all kinds of weird and wonderful vegetables, the method and the art of vegetable fermentation soon became familiar to me.

Making naturally fermented Sauerkraut really struck a chord, and I love it to this day! It’s fascinating that a basic vegetable could 'once correctly fermented' deliver far greater quantities of nutritional benefit to us than before the art and the magic of fermentation takes place. All these years later back in West Sussex where I grew up, I'm still fermenting vegetables, still perfecting the food we make for you to enjoy and benefit from in a really healthy way!


We advise eating 30-50g per portion prior to each of your meals daily, after a little while you’ll feel the effects as I do on a daily basis… Enjoy, it's really good for you!

The process of fermentation is utterly fascinating, the journey began for me many years ago, back then, no one could have guessed that one day I'd grow a business here in the UK based on the fermentation process that I picked up as a side interest in Germany? I am extremely proud of what we do daily, making that crucial difference to our customers and their wellbeing! 

A Mercedes-Benz Engineer, interested in vegetables I hear you say, No Engines, Gearboxes or Wiring Diagrams in sight! My answer is, I'm fulfilling a dream, here near my childhood home-town of Petworth in West Sussex and I love it!.

“Simply put, there is nothing more rewarding than eating your way
back to the good times” 

- Simon Arnold -

organic ingredients 


Our Advise

Eating Good Nutritious Food Always Makes Sence, so make sure the food that powers your body is good food! Many modern-day conditions stem from incorrect eating and lack of movement!

Unlock the real nutrition within your food with the power of the good guys found within fermented foods! Oh, and remember to exercise or take a long brisk walk daily!

Teeming with Good Bacteria, unlocking hard to access nutrients in your food! As well as being full of Vital Vitamins & Minerals!

Nutritional value of  Kimchi Kraut
Nutritional value of Traditional Sauerkraut
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