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Every day scientists are discovering more about tiny bacteria. Recent studies are fascinating, showing the relationship between our bodies and the complex world of bacteria that live in and around us all.


A balanced gut microbiome is more important than most people realise, but this can be achieved through a varied diet and a good ratio of rest and exercise. Where possible minimising stress levels is also a good idea!

All our products are unpasteurised and teeming with friendly bacteria, which we call the 'good guys'. The 'good guys' are truly amazing, living, breathing and very active! 


So, here's what we do.....

We take the best freshest juiciest vegetables and finely shred them, we then apply the magic as we work and manipulate the ingredients, skillfully adding just the right amount of Himalayan Pink Salt to the mix. The Himalayan Salt (always under 1% of total weight) draws-out the vegetable juices and protects the product in its initial stages. After only a matter of hours, Trillions of Lacto-Bacteria (Lactobacillus- AKA 'The Good Guys') start to form colonies (CFU) and begin chomping away at the natural vegetable sugars. As a bi-product of all this chomping, the Lactobacillus-Bacteria produce a very handy acid called Lacto-Acid, it is the resulting Lacto-Acid that becomes the natural long term preservative for all our products.   Given the correct storage conditions, Lacto-Acid will protect our products for months and months and months.  

Portion sizes, 30g - 50g of Unpasteurised Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut & Kimchi-Kraut per serving with each meal daily! No magical cure, simply nature at its most awesome. Be wise, consume unpasteurised fermented vegetables every day!   

Traditional Sauerkraut from The Sauerkraut Company
The Sauerkraut Company



Hi, I'm Simon Arnold, founder of Arnold's Condiments and The Sauerkraut Company based in Petworth West Sussex.


Having lived & worked in Germany as I did for 30 years, I experienced first-hand from the people around me the art of fermenting all kinds of wonderful fresh vegetables, the method and the art of vegetable fermentation soon became familiar to me.

Making naturally fermented Lacto-Sauerkraut really struck a chord, and I love making it to this day! It’s fascinating that a basic vegetable could (once correctly fermented) deliver so much in the way of taste & texture. Years later, back in West Sussex where I grew up, I am still fermenting vegetables, still perfecting the food we make for you to enjoy and benefit from in a really tasty way!


The process of fermentation is utterly fascinating, the journey began for me many years ago, back then, no one could have guessed that one day I'd grow a business here in the UK based on the fermentation process that I picked up as a side interest in Germany? I am extremely proud of what we do daily, making a difference... Our customers tell us every day what crucial difference our products make to their lives!


A Mercedes-Benz Engineer, interested in vegetables? No Engines, Gearboxes or Wiring Diagrams in sight! 

“Simply put, there is nothing more rewarding than eating Great Food” 

- Simon Arnold -

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Common Sense?

Eating Good Nutritious Food Always Makes Sence, so make sure the food that powers your body is good food! Most modern-day conditions stem from incorrect eating and lack of movement!

So, unlock the power of good food, whilst remembering to exercise. A long brisk

walk daily should do it!

Hygiene is extremely important to us at The Sauerkraut Company, not only is it important during the ongoing Covid19 epidemic, but it is always important.   In all the years that we have been making our delicious products, we have always managed & maintained best 5 Star Hygiene Ratings. It is an important acheivement that we are proud of! Our latest inspection was on the 21st August 2020
Nutritional value of  Kimchi Kraut
Nutritional value of Traditional Sauerkraut


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