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Barrel Aged Fermented Kimch-Kraut (2x500g) Unpasteurised



White Cabbage, Carrot, Mooli Radish, Peppers, Onion, Chilli Peppers, Ginger Root, Garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt, Cane Sugar, Cayenne Pepper.


We never add; water, vinegar, heat or sugar, and all the liquid (Lactic Acid) comes exclusively from the Vegetables we use. Our products are Raw & Probiotic, meaning they are full of Good Bacteria! Fermentation is a natural process involving the growing of Good Bacteria, which thrive in Lactic Acid, killing off bad bacteria. We use the Lactic Acid to naturally lower the foods pH acidity level, which in-turn protects our Organic Vegetables, this also increases the natural goodness of the vegetables, preserving them perfectly naturally for you to enjoy. Fermented foods are SO Good for us all, they are transporters of Good Bacteria "Probiotics". It is vital that out gut maintains a healthy population of Good Bacteria (Gut Flora). Eating naturally fermented foods helps replenish gut bacteria levels, aiding digestion & elimination. Having a healthy gut bacteria population, helps you extract more nutrients from the food you eat. Fermented foods are very high in vitamin C, boosting your immune system. Good food being the most potent form of medicine. We Ferment our Products Long & Slow, all having plenty of time to sit and develop wonderful flavours. We test our ferments often, packaging them only when they are good & ready. The fermentation period depends on ambient temperatures, generally we ferment products from between 3 to 8 weeks minimum. As a result of correct fermentation, the Good Bacteria rightfully produces Co2 gas as a bi-product. The extra pressure caused by the Co2 gas, sometimes leads to jars leaking in the post. Slight leakage is normal, your kraut is still good to eat! Seepage occurs when the fermentation process has restarted, due to the package becoming warm again. Pop the jar in the fridge, enjoy it with your next meal! Keep krauts cool to slow fermentation, keeping the production of Co2 Gas to a minimum. Your krauts will be delicious, crunchy and very healthy when you are ready to enjoy them!

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